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Cognac & Central Charente

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

The local distilleries attract many visitors but the town itself is very interesting to explore. It has two distinct areas: the bustling 'modern' town where you will find most of the shops, large boulevards and street-side cafes. The old town which is much quieter and includes the castle and other historic monuments, most of the famous distilleries, and the Charente river. Angoulême - Also in the central part of the Charente department, best known for its

cathedral. Jarnac – Maybe best known as the birthplace of Francois Mitterand (there’s a museum in his name full of gifts to him from world leaders). Much of the town centres along the river banks and the quays along the Charente river. There are numerous producers and sellers of both cognac and the local charente wine – pinot - within the town.

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